Advance planning

Our staff can work with you in planning the catering issues of your project. We work with engineers, architects, logistics and materials managers, and craft specialists to help ensure that you are getting the maximum efficiency out of every square foot of your foodservice facility - and out of every budget dollar.

We can review galley designs for storage and equipment needs, ergonomics, efficiency and safety. We can help you determine the appropriate equipment for your facility - making sure that you don't purchase more than you really need. We also work with you to help plan initial loadouts and ongoing replenishments. We can also provide containers for marine transport (more about that later).

Our customers have found that it benefits them to have a "real world" look at the facility before it is commissioned. In fact, we have also performed pre-commissioning tests, working the equipment and actually preparing meals for staff while still under construction.

The benefit is the opportunity to see how it all works, and to ensure that everything does, in fact, perform as expected.

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