Construction Phase Catering

We have the staff, equipment and resources to feed and house your staff during construction. This can mean keeping your people close to the work - eliminating the inconvenience of a shuttle service or parking hassles. It also offers an alternative to the expense of housing in local hotels.

Shown at right, our high volume mobile kitchen has the capacity to feed hundreds of people per day. This 48-foot long trailer unit includes equipment normally found only in large institutions:

  • 60 gallon steam kettles (2 each)
  • 40 gallon tilting skillet
  • Dual convection ovens
  • Dual fryers
  • Standard, high capacity 6 burner range
  • Convection steamer
  • 8' x 8' walk-in refrigerator
It meets all health and fire codes in every state in the U.S. It's insulated for service virtually anywhere in the world and has a built-in automatic fire suppression system and communications.

This outstanding facility includes a trailer mounted generator and LP gas package for power. Attached to a water supply and local grey water discharge, this unit can provide meals for hundreds of people daily for sustained periods.

This is just one of the ways SONOCO can help your project to successful completion. Please choose the "next" link for more information.

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