We hire the most experienced and best qualified staff. We recruit throughout our region, and nationally in the Armed Forces publications. Many of our Stewards were career military who also have additional restaurant or similar foodservice experience.

We think it's important to recognize longevity and loyalty. That's why we provide the best benefits package in our industry, including:

  • 2 weeks annual vacation
  • double-time holiday pay (all major holidays)
  • health and life insurance
  • credit union membership

Training is essential. We provide it both on the job and in our training kitchens. Training subjects include personal hygiene and safety; foodservice sanitation; standard industrial safety practices; fire extinguisher use and more.

Our commitment to training has paid big dividends; SONOCO enjoys an excellent safety record, our employees have the security of a safe workplace, and our customers receive the benefit of an informed, safe workforce.

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