Just what is "Full Service"

Full service is providing everything needed on a location - not just personnel.

As we will show you in the following pages, full service is only possible when an organization controls every aspect of its business. SONOCO is that organization.

On board, we provide and maintain the cooking and serving equipment needed for our jobs. We also provide the linen - including all bedding, blankets, pillows - as well as towels and washcloths.

We also supply additional equipment if needed:

  • Grocery Boxes with marine doors
  • Soft drink fountain machines
  • Deep fryers and milk dispensers
  • Ice makers and refrigerators/freezers

We're able to provide these services because we control all aspects of our business. We operate our own warehouse. Our fleet of trucks handles grocery delivery, and picks up dirty linen weekly. Our laundry is done in-house at our laundry facility.

But our most important contribution to your success is our people. The next few pages tell the story of why you can count on us for people who are proud of what they do.

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