Exxon Mobile Bay Project

The Mobile Bay Project was one of Exxon's most ambitious projects ever. Involving over 600 people from dozens of companies, 40 boats, liftboats and quarterboats, the project goal was to bring on line three producing assets in the Mobile Bay.

The properties being developed were situated in a protected wetlands area just north of Dauphin Island. This area is home to highly productive oyster beds and is considered a very sensitive area in which to work. Additional challenges to the project were the fact that Dauphin Island is a popluar tourist destination, and that facilities were situated in high-pressure hydrogen sulfide areas. In fact, Exxon developed several new technologies to deal with the adverse conditions safely and profitably.

Everyone involved in the project lived either on the island or in nearby hotels. SONOCO provided housekeeping services for a 20,000 square foot office and shorebase facility, a lodge that housed 48 crew, several dozen condominiums and houses on the island, and a small apartment complex.

We also provided individual laundry service for each of the 600+ staff living on the project facilities and hotels. All laundry was turned around within 24 hours from the time it was dropped off!

SONOCO also provided complete foodservice for the project, feeding from several lift boats, quarterboats and other vessels as well as from the lodge. Throughout the life of the project, which lasted over a year, we maintained excellent standards of cleanliness, and achieved very high levels of customer satisfaction.

During the project, we also provided numerous special services including shuttle transportation for project managers, special custodial services for VIP quarters, and similar services. We also managed a lunch program at the shorebase facility, and provided vending services for some areas of the project facilities.

We also planned and prepared several special, "team building" events, including beach parties and cookouts for staff recreation.

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