The tallest structure in the world when it was built, Bullwinkle is still a major producing facility.


Phillips Petroleum's first venture into deepwater. SONOCO was there.

Shell Training Center

Since its inception, SONOCO has been a part of the Shell Training Center in Robert, Louisiana.

The Neptune Spar

Installed and operated by Oryx Energy (Kerr-McGee), the Neptune was the world's first "Spar" type TLP. SONOCO was there in the beginning of the project.

Exxon Mobile Bay

The Exxon Mobile Bay Project was one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken. Choose this link for an interesting overview.

Shell Ursa TLP

Ursa, the largest TLP ever built, is the source of many "firsts" for Shell Offshore and its partners. SONOCO is proud to be a part of this historical project. Choose this link for more details.

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