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Basic Brown Gravy
Basic Chicken Gravy
Giblet Gravy
Milk Gravy
Sawmill Gravy (Sausage Gravy)
Milk Gravy with cooked crumbled breakfast sausage. Or you can use as a base for Creamed Chipped Beef.

Alfredo Sauce
Classic white sauce with cheese and garlic. Very versatile and used in many different dishes
Butter Sauce
Basic Butter Sauce, thickened a bit
Cocktail Sauce
Enchilada Sauce
Based on traditional Mexican preparations, this is a standard red sauce for a number of dishes.
Spanish Sauce
A tomato-based foundation sauce, used for a number of dishes in our recipe collections.
Sweet and Sour Sauce
This is an authentic, and easy to make sauce. Can be used as a dipping sauce, in fried rice and especially in our Sweet and Sour Pork recipe.
Tartar Sauce
White Sauce
The most fundamental of sauces, this is the basis for any number of sauces including cheese sauce.

Beef Stock
Procedure for house-made beef stock (broth), using bones, trimmings and stuff you usually throw away.
Chicken Stock
Procedure for house-made chicken stock (broth), using bones and stuff you usually throw away.
Shellfish Stock
Make a flavorful broth to use as the basis for gumbos, stews and other seafood dishes. Easy and free.
Turtle Soup Stock

Simple to make, and a varation using the oven makes it foolproof.
Garlic Mayonnaise (Aioli)
A delicious, lemony and garlic seasoned mayonnaise. Good on sandwiches, or baste it on chicken or fish while broiling.
Honey Mustard Sauce
Can be used as a dipping sauce, for cooking, and as a sandwich condiment