Price is important...

But Quality is priceless!

That's our attitude about the quality of products and service we provide. And that's our commitment to you. You'll see this commitment with every delivery. Here's why:

  • We stock USDA Choice and Prime beef only. Never any "no-roll" or lesser cuts.
  • All pork and poultry are bought only from federally inspected facilities. And only from select vendors.
  • Dairy products are USDA Grade "A". Never anything less.
  • We purchase only the freshest produce, delivered daily to our warehouse.
  • We stock over 1,000 items in our warehouse, and we are constantly adding to our inventory.

Our Purchasing Manager monitors prices on everything we buy, so we can pass on the best possible price to you. Our inventory database helps us to make intelligent decisions about stock levels and turnover. You can be assured of receiving the freshest, best quality product possible.

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